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Hello guys,

I am starting a Deals website & looking for your suggestions for improving UI & SEO.

Please suggest click to see
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    In my opinion, the whole interface looks clean. The color scheme blended well with the whole site's theme. Maybe you can just spread the banner up until the email box so that it won't look deformed. You might also want to just put the email box on the footer of the page, since you don't have a footer, you can just put it right above the search bar. You might also want to recreate your logo.
    For seo, i think you're doing pretty good since you always end up on the first page of google whenever I search for vah deals.
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    From what I can see:

    1. Create pages for Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, About the Company, and Contact Info
    2. Place these links in the Footer
    3. Include recent posts from the Blog in the Footer
    4. Copyright info in the Footer
    5. You have an email and Submit button on the right, but no info as to what you're submitting your email for??
    6. Consider delaying the comes up way too quick
    7. Make your logo bigger
    8. Upload a favicon image
    9. SEO is going to be tough because you have very little content. Try to have descriptions for each product and maybe even put your About Company info right on the main page.
    10. Warriors may be hesitant to offer you any suggestions since you're linking to your website in your very first post. You may be genuine, but try to offer more to the community before jumping right into a "review my site" post.

    Don't get discouraged by any of this. You've completed the hard part and now it's time for some fine tuning.

    Good luck with business!

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      Originally Posted by kevintperry View Post

      From what I can see:
      1. Create pages for Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, About the Company, and Contact Info
      This ^

      Also, utilize the top banner area of your site a little more, in addition to your logo in the upper left, you could have your own advertisement or something filling up more of the top right area. I just try and utilize all the space I can at the top of the page since that's what visitors first see.
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    I disagree with Dennise. The site looks like it is from 5-10 years ago.
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    With regard to SEO, create more valuable content for your site visitors targeting your keywords without having much promotional content in them.
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