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Hi Everybody,

Would you guys be so kind to review my site Professional Driveway Cleaning Bromsgrove - Block Paving Cleaning it just needs my logo added which will be in the next 48hours.

Many Thanks In Advance
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    The whole website looks clean and the layout is organized. The colors are ok as well, I just noticed that you don't have an accent color. I mean, orange looks good on the whole website but I suggest that you adjust the opacity a little bit higher so that it would look brighter and livelier since your website is about cleaning services.
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    To be honest the site needs to have some improvements and arrangements in terms of the content placements. There are certain key points which i feel you need to have a look at.

    1. Would like to mention on the domain name which you have chosen for the website. ( Do you require such a long website domain name as normally its not advisable to go in for such a long one for the simple reason being that people may tend to spell it wrong and its tediouos to type in such a long one onto the browser. I recommend you work on a shorter one.

    2. Please do not have too much of empty spaces though care should be taken to not make it cluttered with too much text.

    3. Have a call to action on top of the fold somewhere for customers to quickly act.

    4. Increase the size of the meny bar a little bit as it looks to jamped.

    5. Social media Integration is a must and also you can prefer to do an SEO for the keywords to be ranked later on.

    6. Add some more appealing images in the inner pages as it adds to the professional factor of your business.

    These are some of the points which you can improve on though there is scope for a lot more.

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      Hi, Arjun2004,

      The domain was purchased by the client quite a while ago to be honest so that was out of my control, yes I admit it's quite long and I appreciate all your other comments, really helpful to be honest.
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    Fully agree with Dennise & Arjun on the points raised by them. I would like to add that such client websites look more like a brochure of the business than a real website. In my opinion, if your client really wants to get some actual leads from this website then he/she must start a blog on the website. If a blog is not possible, at least the content should be enhanced. The FAQ area is too short. Every question in the FAQ can be extended to a full size post. This will help in attracting the long tail traffic to the website. On the other hand, if the objective is to just create a good looking website whose address can be imprinted on a Business Card, then the present design/structure is OK.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Looks really great! I like the design of your website a lot, honestly. I am creating a similar website for my own ends currently, and I am using a website builder for it. How did you create you website, by the way?
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      Wordpress Divi 2.0
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    Overall the site looks cool. Simple to navigate and color is just nice in my opinion. good job.

    As I browse through the website, I think there is room for improvement in terms of the look at feel. One thing you can further improve is probably the whitespace. There are sections which has too much whitespace such as the section above "Please call 01527 570686 / 07912 563720" at the homepage. There are other areas on the website where I think you can reduce the gap, it will make it looks nicer.
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    I'd say add some sale points in form of bullets, these bullets can be your FABS (features advantages and benefits) people scan content in vertical form. I think you have a lot of paragraphs and text-walls and the copy is a bit muted. Larger font, USE LONGER HEADLINES and that can help...
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    elegant, but dont like the colors
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    It's a clean layout. However, your main navigation doesn't pop out well. I almost couldn't notice it. Looks too stuffy in the middle as well. Maybe make the texts darker and font a bit bigger? Give them some extra space apart as well. The color schemes look a bit dull, imo. Maybe add some accents?
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