What do people think of hiring web designers?

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Hey, just wanted to get some opinions on a specific topics. What do people think about hiring a graphic designer from freelancer to do a project? what would be some good tips or hints that people could offer if I'm trying to choose somebody for a project?

My company needs to produce a document for a client that is just one page. We don't have an in-house designer so we need to hire someone to make this document look professional for us. We looked at firms in our area and got a quote for $300 - way too much! We think we could hire a freelancer for around $50 to make it happen but we have never done this before and aren't sure where to start, especially when it comes to choosing from all of the people that will likely bid.

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    Check for Facebook groups that designers would hang out in and post there, you'd probably get 5 - 10 people interested within a day for your budget.

    You could also hire someone on upwork to do a single job and keep them on call for future projects.

    Check around the local colleges, a student would be thrilled with an extra $50 - $100.

    There are so many people with these skills it's crazy. Good Luck!
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    50$ is kind of low as a budget, but I'm pretty sure you'll find someone that can do the job for you!
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    I always use upwork. Hire someone with the plan on using them for this one project and future projects.
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    Here's an idea, since you already mentioned Freelancer. Right?

    There's a feature or program called the Preferred Freelancer. So, you get in contact with the support there and you say, I need this and that and this is how much I wanna pay. They find you the best freelancers for your money.

    Give it a try and see for yourself.

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    You can start by asking your network if anyone knows of a good, reliable designer. You can likewise post an job on an online workplace such as, Upwork or Elance try to include your list of deliverables so fitting freelancers can apply, and consider additionally searching for freelancers on the website who seem to meet your needs and inviting them to apply. The two most essential things to search for in an freelance designer are their portfolio, and feedback or testimonial references.
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