What feeling does this design give you?

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What feeling do you get when entering OneSite?
We want it to look modern, open and fresh. How would you improve the design?
Thank youu
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    It needs a bit more work to accomplish what you're aiming for.

    The good:
    • I like the logo - definitely modern
    • Short and sweet text content - very direct, no fluff and to the point

    The bad:
    • Inconsistent - I could at least three button styles - Purple "Sign Up Now" , black "Build Your Ecommerce Site" and yellow "Got it" cookie acceptance. I see text styled in six different ways (colors, style, font mix). Try using one font with fewer variations and fewer different.
    • Cramped - the video to the right of the text feels cramped. At narrower window widths it gets cut off on the right. Narrower still it wraps *below* the footer. If you make everything display in a narrow column, it will surely be more "open".
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    I like the clean simple feel but I feel there are some basics that you might want to look at.
    It is simple things like not having a prominent search function.
    If you have time google F Pattern Reading it is really interesting and has helped me a lot to design sites that are more user friendly.
    Also under More Info I would change it to Join Now instead of Join it Now.
    And maybe add a slider in your header?
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    1. Get rid of the adsense under MORE INFO. That cheapened your website a whole lot right there. I took you as a serious company from the home page alone and then felt you were a college kid when I saw the adsense. Also kind of weird to be advertising "no ads on your site" when you have ads on your site.

    2. Fix your mobile-responsive. The home page images are butting up against the window edges upon resize.
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    Mixed signals.

    Part of the sales pitch is no ads and the More Info. page has ads.
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    I loved it! I would suggest bigger fonts though. For everything but the menu.
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    Will consider all of these.
    Thanks a lot!
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      Originally Posted by fvsegarra View Post

      Will consider all of these.
      Thanks a lot!

      ...and yet you still advertise no ads while displaying ads.

      Make up your mind.
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    I just want to say that your new site is miles ahead of your old one. Great redesign.

    I agree with what others are saying (especially the ads part), and have nothing else to add.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks thanks a lot
    I love it too. Yes, will give a look at the ads and the lack of information issues
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    It's a simple site, with a clean look. I like the logo.

    I'd recommend testing out the following:

    - add a very thin border around the features/benefits listed above the blue "get it now" button.
    - modify the font, and slightly increase the font size for the blue "get it now" button. The text "get it now" does not grab my attention.

    Good luck on your venture!
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    Alright, we'll check into this too!
    Thank youu
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    Modern is good. But design is inconsistent.

    The homepage has one image. Why use touch enabled slideshow?

    Then is the content. I'm greeted with page level ads in a homepage that only has no content but one CTA button?? If I came to your website from wandering the web aimlessly, I'll definitely leave.
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    It's exactly on point. Really fresh man, looking good!
    Only thing I would consider is changing the font family of the footer links to important pages.

    Good job!
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    It looks a bit empty.
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    1. Way too much white space.

    2. The ads become the focal point of your home page and leave a bad first impression

    3. Is the text below the image suppose to be a link? (Free Forever, Website Builder, etc)

    4. The logo or cloud is just floating up around the top of the page by itself. Maybe add the actual name of the business to the page as well.

    Good luck
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    Yep I would take the AdSense off - maybe put it in the members area - you'll get more sign ups and you'll get more money off the AdSense when people are in the admin.
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    Not so long ago we released the first beta version of OneSite.
    After 3 months, our servers are now stable and now, our website design is in its stable version too! We still need to improve a few things before releasing the final version though.

    Could you maybe give a look at our new website and let us know what you like/dislike etc?

    URL: https://onesite.co/

    Thank youuu
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