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Been working with this client that has a car dealership. He's offering a really good deal on oil changes. We've created a video that does a good job explaining the program. The problem is there have been only single digits on signups each month so far. But we're sending about 20 people a day to the landing page offer. We've done multiple versions of the page and gotten it down to where it's pretty clean but still not helping. I could really use some other points of view at this point. Here's the landing page:
Dynamite Autos Used Autos in Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
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    Try posting videos and links to Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and related communitites and groups. See if it helps
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    one of the best ways is to use social media such as facebook, having a nice fan page and posting on there lets say about common car problems and how to fix them, maybe even a blog doing with keeps the content on the site fresh and google loves that...

    i would suggest adding some OG tags in your <head> section for social sharing, also coding in structured data helps with the ranks...

    I also do not see a "Town/City" name in the keywords this will set you back some, i would suggest adding in some Towns/Cities around the area of the business.. more people that come to your fan page and your google results more chance they are there for your services..

    Hope this helps
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    Create a video on how to do their own oil change, fluid replacement, etc. for FREE; if they opt in. No "opt in" no free video.

    Here's the thing... they think they will be saving money with this info but at the end of it you could say... "or just pay 29.95 and have us do it".

    The important thing is you get their email address to market to them FOREVER (or at least until they unsubscribe).
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    We've created the face book page as you suggest. We have not posted the video on there just yet but will be shortly.

    But the huge concern is the fact we've been driving targeted traffic to the landing page using ppc but have gotten almost a zero response. If you watch the video, it does a good job explaining the program. I wonder if they just are not watching it? Another weakness is motivating people to refer others which the video explains. But presenting that link while keeping things sized for mobile is a challenge. Very much appreciate any further input on any of these points.
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    First of all... excellent job on taking action!! I'm impressed!!

    I see you already have 168 people like the page already. Great start.

    Again, I believe you're doing a great job getting people to the optin page but you're not offering them anything for them to sign up for.

    Why not try running a "Free Oil Change Contest" by opting in.


    You would have to make sure they know its for your city/state and you can offer to do it once a month. You need an awesome "bribe" for that email address.

    Also, adding employee images will cause family and friends to "Like" your page quickly (viral). More local residence/customers you can add to the page the better.

    You almost have this licked!

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    I have the landing page, all I need is someone to tell me how in the c-panel text to point it directly to the cpa offer.

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