Masking URL for a protected page?

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I have created a website using Publisher (yes I know, why) because it is fast and I don't know another way.

I have a website I've created that has a section that is password protected (purchased CoffeCup's Password Wizard and was able to create the password box and it takes me to the protected page, but then

1. How do I mask the URL for the pages of the website I want to protect? (so people can't see them and copy/paste or bookmark them to bypass the login page)

2. If someone types in the protected URL they can bypass the login page, what do I need to do to fix that?

I have the "protected page" that I want to place links to other pages that I wanted protected (so #1 & 2 above apply to other pages I'll be adding later)

Not a web designer here, just a girl scout leader so go easy on me :confused:
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    While not familiar with CoffeeCups product, I'd say you have to password protect all the pages you want protected not just the entrance page. There must be code you have to place on all the pages. I'd take a look at their support or give them an email if its not readily apparent how to do it.

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      They told me to go back and check the code..(like I haven't already done that :rolleyes

      The code they gave me to put on the protected page was:
      <script language=javascript>


      However, all that does is bounces me right back to the login page
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