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I've had websites for years, but they've been Windows based as I used .asp coding and MSAccess backends but I haven't done anything new for a few years.

Now I have a Unix based host and want to set up a membership site which members will need to log into and I want to provide a large amount of articles and downloads.

Can I get some suggestions/recommendations about which CMS is best? I've seen plenty about Joomla but I have no experience with it or any of the other CMS products. I have fantastico on my site and I have about 12 different products to choose from.
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    I'm a custom Joomla, WordPress, mySQL and PHP guy. I don't have an opinon on what's the best is, they both serve different purposes and commons ones at the same time.

    If you decide to go with Joomla, let me know. I can webex you through the installation and setup process and get you the plugins you need for accepting members and providing downloads.

    If this is your first venture to from ASP.NET to PHP, you may consider going with WordPress Hosted. It's easy to setup and plugins are a plenty with a low learning curve for newbies.

    Heck, I just walked a computer newb through their first WP setup and blog post. Only took 15 to 20 mins. Took them longer to write the post than to set it up. LOL
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      thanks for your reply.

      I've decided to try Joomla. Nothing like going through a nice steep learning curve I'd really appreciate your help in setting it up. I've got Fantastico, so installation is pretty straightforward isn't it?

      Timewise, we may have a challenge, I'm in Australia
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        I personally use joomla for most sites .. but if my client isn't really computer literate ill use wordpress. You have to be a complete dummy to not figure out wordpress.
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    i recently setup Joomla for one of my clients game projects. It is a great CMS and comes with tons and tons of plugins to make it usable for just about anything you can think of.

    Joomla takes time to get use to and figure out most of it's stuff. but the beauty is installing plugins and such is very easy, no coding required, no manual install of them for most of the plugins/components/modules you will find. simpley download the zip and use the built in upload/installer to get them up and running.

    There is also plenty of excellent themes available to work with.

    Joomla is a good choice.
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