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Hi Warriors,

I hope some one can help. Im trying to upload my backround image for YouTube. Im just using a picture of myself that I took. The problem is when I upload it the picture is very small and does not cover all the backround.

I was hoping that is would show the picture over and over again in the backround.

Because im not good with images I dont know what to do so i was hoping that someone on the warrior forum can fix this if I send them my picture?

This is a very small job for someone to do but I would be willing to pay a few dollars or buy someone a few beers if they still have this action installed on the forum.

Hope someone can help me out.

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    hey there,

    there should be an option to repeat the image. It was there when I created my profile a few months ago. Just look at all the options when you are uploading your image, or maybe look at your account details/options.

    If that isnt the case, then sorry I cannot help you. Maybe someone else will chime in!

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    I had a chat with my sister inlaw whom is a big you tube user. She says that it may be something to do with the way You Tube has their code to handle background images.


    However there is a option in there to 'repeat background' just put a check mark in the bod beside it. the option is under themes and colors-> advanced options.

    i don't use you tube myself, only for viewing so yeah hopefully this kinda helps.

    My sister inlaw also say you could try resizing the image as well, keeping in mind you tube will appearantly only allow a file size of 256Kb for the background image.
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      Hey Guys,

      Thanks alot yes I just missed the little box I had to check. Ill have to get myself to speck savers lol

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    Yes you can try and resizing the images to a smaller resolution. Sometimes the resolution is to large for Youtube to handle.
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