Ready to Set A Static Page for Homepage....How to move blog posts to another page?

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I have a site that is getting some good traffic and I want to set-up a static home page.

How do I make the current home page Certified Toyota Hybrids | Used Toyota Prius Lexus Hybrid Cars into a blog page ie the blog posts will reside?
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    You need to create a new directory - lets say you call it "blog" in your public_html folder (i.e. so where your current home page resides)

    Then move all your blog files into that "blog" folder.

    You'll then need to find the "wp-config.php" file and change any settings as neccessary (since your files will be at /home/...../public_html/blog/ instead of /home/..../public_html)

    This should then make the blog work fine (as long as you've changed the settings correctly), and you can access your blog at

    You can then upload your static website to /public_html/ (i.e. where your blog used to be) and access your new homepage at Certified Toyota Hybrids | Used Toyota Prius Lexus Hybrid Cars

    Feel free to PM me if you have any trouble with any of the above steps
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    Yes, TristanPerry's answer is the way to do it if you want your static html to be your main site and have your blog moved to a different directory. You might also need to login to your WP admin area to "Settings" to change the URL accordingly to how you plan it to be setup, then proceed as described above.

    UNLESS -- you still want the current setup you have now but just want the listing of blog posts on a different page instead of on the main page of your existing blog; that will change the story -- and that's also possible to do with your existing setup.
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    Slow down with all that moving stuff... You can just use the WordPress blog to run the entire site. There is an option to use a static front page.

    Create a new page (not post) with the front page content you want, then create another page with no content on it for the blog posts. I guess you can put some content on the blog page to appear above the posts if you want to. Then go to Settings, Reading and tick the static page option and the correct pages. You can even create a custom page template if you want.

    More here: How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template
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    thanks houndy your quite right....all I have to do is set thing up at the reading settings level!

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    Agreed - moving folders and files around is a recipe for things to go wrong..!

    Changing your front page setting to be a static page will automatically move your blog posts to a page called 'Blog'.

    This will make your site look like a normal site with a fully integrated blog - very professional


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