Good wordpress theme for a tech/gaming review and news blog?

by sirile
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Good day all,

I am planning to make a content website where I post 3-5 articles every week in the tech and gaming peripherals/news niche with Adsense and Amazon as an income source.

I am looking for some themes that would suit a tech blog, preferably as cheap as possible since budget is a very big issue.

Currently, I am hesitating between these two themes (Please let me know if links are not allowed):
ListMag ($29): List Mag WP Just another WordPress site
It looks like it has a lot of features and it has a lot of Ad slots which might be handy for Adsense conversions.

Benavente (Free):
This one is free and looks like it has just as many features as ListMag, only that the footer has the theme credit on it.

Edit: Another theme I am interested in:
Magneto ($29):

I like Magneto for the things it offers but is is kind of similar to Benavente in some way. apart from the fact that you can make a lot of custom designs so you can use it for multiple websites.

Does any of you have a theme to suggest? I figured that a cluttered theme might give a site a more authoritative look, but it can also distract the user from noticing any call-to-actions.

Thank you.

EDIT: I want to ask apart from that, can you add sidebar and in-article ads on whichever theme there is as long as there is HTML support and custom widget support?
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    Just my opinion, I am actually pretty impressed with these. The Benavente has more impact and is more conventional, the other is more specialized but I don't know specialized for what! Be aware that you are going to need a lot of articles before you launch or it will look empty and amateur. Also, some themes take a bit of work to look like the demos and that means expect some trial and error. Start writing now!
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    ''benavente/'' theme looks Nice but you need theme that loads faster and theme that is not to large in MB else will slow down your site.
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    Benavente theme looks nice and its free. So I think you should go for it.
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    The theme doesn't really matter here. If you are looking to rank your website in search engines (which of course everyone does), its your content which matters. Google doesn't see how beautiful your website is and rank them, it sees how useful your content is to the world.
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    hello sirile
    first of all when you try to choose a wordpress theme you should consider some mesures and features that must be included in the theme !
    you want to start a project on the web so you must choose the appropriate theme for that even expensive one ! because you will be forced to choose the best for your website ! don't trust priceless themes or free one !
    there are many premium wordpress themes with bunch of features such as SEO Ready, load faster, multipurpose, multi layouts, abstract design,full control and many other options to know.
    here is a list of top recommended wordpress premium themes ever on the web
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