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I am looking for suggestions on how to accomplish a goal. I am wanting to gain experience and have been offered by a company to do so. I have only done work on my own with websites and have never done anything for anyone else let alone a company. Though I am a bit unsure of how to do this I do not want to turn away the offer because I feel this is the only way for me to get my foot in the door and get experience so I can end up ultimately getting a job somewhere in the future.

This company has a website built in Bootstrap and uses a cms Cushy. Their website was created and maintained by a 3rd party. They have access to limited content changes from my understanding on their end. They can add simple content in the form of text, pictures, links, but beyond that I don't think they have too much control if I understood correctly.

What they want from me is to design a database that lists information on many topics. Each one of these topics will contain more information about that specific topic. They don't want one really long page with all of this information and were hoping to be able to keep it easy to list the information by topic to keep website users engaged to find exactly what they want quickly. They also want to be able to make changes and update this whenever needed once it is created whether that be daily, weekly or monthly.

I have a few different questions that I am hoping to gain some insight on.

1. What would be the best way to create this?
2. How do I do this and submit it to them to then be able to be implemented by their 3rd party web designers?
3. Would there be any option to create this and store it somewhere else and have them add a link on their site to it?
4. Is this even possible seeing I don't have access to any of the website coding nor can I edit anything directly on their website because it was created and maintained by a 3rd party?

I want to be able to take on this task because I hope it will help me get some experience on something I haven't done before. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also if any other information I did not provide is needed feel free to ask if that will help you better understand what I am trying to do.

Thanks so much!
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