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Hello I´ve installed W3 total cache on my site but still very slow. What should I fix? or better how to know what I should Fix?
here -Mejor-
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    need a little more info has there are many things that could be the cause of you site being slow.

    1: where is your site hosted?
    2: what speed of internet connection do you have? is it cable or dsl ?
    3: how much traffic dose your site receive daily?
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    You can try developer console (of chrome built-in or Firefox) and check which file/script/image... make the site slow.

    If often come from facebook ads or Google analytic scripts.... sometimes the image is too big...

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    Remove large image files. Keep Plugins to a minimum. Use cloud flare it's free.
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    W3 total cache is not the best solution. You site loads in 2.31 which for the 21 requests the page you sent contains, well, is a little slow. I can optimize it for you:
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    Can you tell us more about your hosting?
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    Use google page speed test. Then try to follow recomendations.
    If it doesn't help, then try another hosting.
    Actually, you can reverse this steps.
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    You don't have high traffic. Do your website contains a lot no of images. If yes then try to resize all of them to lower size approx 200kb each picture. This may help. Use less java and other plugins.
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    You probably need to fix everything installing more plugins wont help you. You need to optimize delivery and use a good quality server. Make sure you add a CDN. If you still need help speak to us via - most sites are slow because of the following 3 images

    large image (This is handled by wordpress but still check)
    latency to server(Your server is on the wrong content to where you are working )
    dns issues (How long its taking to find your site)
    too many scripts (this could be a problem in cases of bad code and themes)
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    Maybe it has something to do with your hosting. In the meantime, you need to decrease the amount of images on your website and other website animations that is making the website to load real slow.
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    wew, i don't see your hosting . you should post a amount of images on your website
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    in wordpress, the most cause of a slow website is the bad codes on the theme !!, first of all before installing any plugin to speed up your website go to your filemanager open wp-config.php then search for:
    define( 'WP_DEBUG', false );
    change it to
    define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
    , as a wordpress theme developer i recommend you to verify your theme's code first, if the theme codes are OK, try to fix some DNS issues, then next your hosting company and last the quality of images you use on the website( HD images will load slow !!!) !!!
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    Some tips that I learned on Internet, Hope it's useful for you!
    - Choose a good host. ...
    - Start with a solid framework/theme. ...
    - Use an effective caching plugin. ...
    - Use a content delivery network (CDN) ...
    - Optimize images (automatically) ...
    - Optimize your homepage to load quickly. ...
    - Optimize your WordPress database. ...
    - Disable hotlinking and leeching of your content.
    - Add an expires header to static resources
    - Adjust Gravatar images
    - Add LazyLoad to your images
    - Control the amount of post revisions stored
    - Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks
    - Replace PHP with static HTML, when necessary
    - Use CloudFlare
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    - Manage image size
    - Remove Un-necessary code

    Originally Posted by tamisgo View Post

    Hello I´ve installed W3 total cache on my site but still very slow. What should I fix? or better how to know what I should Fix?
    here -Mejor-
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    You have to identify what is causing your site loading slow? You can use pingdom or GTmetrix to find out that and then solve those issues. On top of that you have to move your website to a good hosting. Thanks :-)
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    Error here:

    Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=12332 in /www/htdocs/w013affb/ on line 1877

    from URL: ...Top 25 Comparatif autoradio pas cher | Meilleur autoradio voiture

    it could be a server setting, I am no expert on errors.

    I tested the Home Page on and the speed is very acceptable, 1.43 secs, faster than 82% of sites tested. I didn't test other pages.

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    1. Try to host your website in the best hosting service like Knownhost, a2hosting, HostGator etc. I am using Knownhost VPS
    2. Update your WordPress software, themes, and plugins to the latest version
    3. Remove unnecessary plugins
    4. Use database optimization plugin to reduce the database size by removing the extra like revisions, spam comments, trashed comments, and the data from the plugins which you are not using now. I am using WP-Optimize plugin, it is one of the top database optimization plugins
    5. Optimize your images by using Image optimizer. I recommend you to use EWWW Image Optimizer which is powerful
    6. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like Cloudflare to protect your website form threats and also to increase the performance of your website
    7. Use a powerful cache plugin. Here I am recommending you to use WP Fastest Cache, it is one of the simplest and very fast cache WordPress plugin.
    8. Try to split the long posts and comments into different pages
    9. Limit your website post revisions. This will help you to reduce the size of the database.
    10. Disable the hotlinking to your images by adding additional code to .htaccess file.
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    For me it wasn't the speed that was the problem. It was the design.
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    If your website speed is slow then you can reduce server response time or you can check insights in any website speed test tool. I would recommend always select good quality of hosting services and optimize image size and CSS files.
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    I have understood your problem cause I also faced this kind of problem. In the following some solution for you:

    1.You should use a high-performance Web host for your website.
    2.Compress your website images, Javascript & CSS.
    3.Try to Install a Caching Plugin for your site.
    4.You can use some services such as Web Proxy & Coral CDN Cause CDN takes a
    website's static files such as CSS, images, and JavaScript.
    5.Use expires headers.
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    I guess it might be an issue with your connection. Check the speed using the test from or any other one and report here. I have had such trouble too, and it was the cause of my problem...
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    Maybe it's one thing to try and do along with your hosting. within the in the meantime, you would like to decrease the number of pictures on your web site and different web site animations that's creating the web site to load real slow.
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    I would suggest you to use Google PageSpeed Insights tool for suggestions.
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