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​Hello Boss!

My website​​ that have the theme.
I have something that i want to do in this amazing theme please.
1. I have a large area next to the Content in the home page.

2. The body text in the mobile in the border, exactly.
see image

3. I want remove this image: see image

4. A large black area in the header, If i can make this more smaller, see image 3

By the way, why the theme lacks of beauty in me website?
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    do you have some CSS skills ? is your website a Wordpress blog ?
    in wordpress you can remove useless widgets to remove the avatar image that you mentioned !
    for the space issue i suggest to do some CSS editor to fix the height and width even to change your font style as an arabian developer i will suggest you to choose other fonts like "Droid Arabic Kufi", and last you must know that an RTL website isn't similar to LTR website that's why you should make some changes !
    good luck و البتوفيق
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    I can understand the problem but it is hard to tell how to fix it as someone needs to login and fix all the issues you want to fix. Thanks :-)
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