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by JDAX23
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Hey guys!

I've recently had people approach me for website design gigs and I have a few questions for those of you that have experience in freelance web design. Thank you in advance!

1. Say I use godaddy to get their domain and hosting, what is the best way of doing that so that they can have their own login info and payment and what not and not have it tied to my own godaddy account?
-That way I'll be able to hand over the website to them so that they can have access to all of it.

2. Would I need to create a godaddy account for them and set the whole thing up with login information I can just hand over to them at the end?

3. How would I do so in a way that when I hand it over to them at the end, they dont have my credit card on file?

4. I was planning on using paypal to have them pay me for the site unless you guys recommend something else.

Thank you guys a lot, I really appreciate it!
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    Make an account for them and make them log into it and pay for the orders.
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    And then just charge them the difference?
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    Well, if setting up Godaddy domain and hosting is the only job you do for them, then you might be interested in managing their domain and hosting under your own account and charging them for that. At my job, we have ~20 sites on our hosting account, and we charge site owners annually for managing their stuff, so they don't have a hustle with domains, SSL certs, hosting issues etc.
    If you do something extra for them, then yes, just include your mangling with their account in the total bill.
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    Maybe best way is to take some cheap but good VPS with plesk or cpanel licence.Then U can give separate accounts for your customers , so U can check everything they do, but they can access only to their account / web space.
    I have about 50 different websites on my VPS ,10 are having separate accounts so they can acces to their database and website files.For now everything is going great.
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