Which are the plugins that need to install to have hassle free wordpress site?

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hey guys, i m new to this interent and specially with the wordpress world, just started my website and i want to dig deep into that, i want to know what are the best and usefull plugins i need to install concerning with the following isssues:-

1. what if i accidently deleted my post and i want restore the same is there any plugin that can back up that post so i can restore it?

2. Does traffic booster plugins works? do they really boost the traffic?

3. i installed the auto update code for plugin that i got from google but that isn't working, is there any plugin with regards to that for auto update of plugin? {tell the best one and free}

4. wat are the best plugin to scan the malcious code? does they really works?
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    Hi Bingout,

    as for question 1), normally Wordpdress just, like Windows, moves deleted posts and sites into the recycle bin where they can be restored. Or did you also delete your posts there?

    For 3) I do not really get what you are asking for. You want your plugins to update automatically?

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      Hey thanks for replying..at last someone reply here

      Actually I have pasted on code in my theme to get my plugins updated automatically ,but that plugin isn't working anymore, so just let me know which plugin will do that job for me?

      And regarding question 1
      I said "just in case" I accidentally deleted the post or sometime power failure cos the post unsaved, so for that to restore the post same as is it, any plugin available?

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