Give Temporary Access to my WordPress page and then access should be auto revoked/expired.

by Laksh
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Hey guys,

Anyone aware of a plugin that can be used to give access to a page (not admin or author or backend control) for a certain period of time??

I wud like my visitors to get experience of what they wud get after purchasing. (E.g. have software that can be hosted on customer's website) This involves me giving them complete access to the software but only for some time. If I use a membership plugin, its basically like giving away the access to that link forever with that credentials as long as those credentials are active. But I want those to expire so that I don't impact vendors by giving away more than I am supposed to.

I looked at 'Temporary Login Without Password' plugin and similar others, but they are more of backend access, but not the front end.

You guys know of any such plugin that gives them access the way i wanted, for a pre configured time & then auto expire??

Thanks In Advance !!!
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    This could be what you need:

    Partial Feature List

    • WP roles work as is or can be limited by content-specific Restrictions
    • RS roles grant additional Read or Edit access for specific Pages, Posts or Categories
    • Define User Groups and give them one or more RS roles
    • Can elevate Subscribers to edit desired content (ensures safe failure mode)
    • Control which categories users can post to
    • Control which pages users can associate sub-pages to
    • Specify element(s) in Edit Form to withhold from non-Editors
    • Grant Read or Edit access for a limited time duration
    • Limit the post/page publish dates which a role assignment applies to
    • Customizable Hidden Content Teaser (or hide posts/pages completely)

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      Thanks, will take a look at it.

      Based on the documentation, i am not clear how it exactly works. Will install and check it up and would let you know how it goes.

      Thanks !!!
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      Hey Fred,

      Took a relook today by installing the plugin. This will solve the issue only partially. Unless i install another plugin to create a new role and assign all my new/existing visitors to that role, i cannot use this plugin for the purpose i intend to.
      After i install the new roles plugin, not sure if this supports the roles or not (i presume it would based on the info i see).
      Thanks for the input either ways. Will keep looking for any other alternatives as well.
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