New Design For Amazon Review Site to Ecommerce

by Kevin Troyan 5 replies
I have an Amazon affiliate fitness equipment review site that I would like to redesign.

I plan on changing it over to an eCommerce site but would first like to redesign it and change it to a Woocommerce site selling through the external affiliate link option.

After I finish transferring everything over and the site is running smoothly, I will slowly add in the ecommerce products.

My site currently uses the FlexSqueeze II theme that I feel is a little outdated and probably not the best for adding WooCommerce.

Any recommendation for a good premium Woocommerce theme that has a strong focus on "blogging" or "review posts" and optimized for SEO?

Also, do you think this is the best option for converting an "Amazon Review Site" to an ecommerce store or should I go another route like the Shopify Ecommerce plugin?

I'm just starting to look into this so any help will be greatly appreciated. If you offer this as a service and want to name a price for completing this task just let me know.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Shopify is pretty pricey now, especially after all the addons..if you're not making a couple hundred a month from this site I'd stick to Woocommerce, just my 2 cents
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    Are you making enough money to be happy with what you're doing now? If you are then maybe you should try doing both, adding a different source of income wouldn't hurt.
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      I am making enough now but after the new Amazon updates I'm looking to move away from affiliate marketing and have more "ownership" of my products.

      Could you explain what you mean by doing both?

      Right now I have one review site that is only monetized through Amazon affiliate links. How could I do both?

      I was planning on offering visitors to buy from me direct for certain products but also listing some as affiliates that I don't have drop ship agreement for.

      My only other option would be to create a second website for ecommerce and drive traffic to that site from my blog.

      Thanks for the help and input!
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    nice idea, u should go for a developer if u need anything i am ready to help u, just let me know..
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      Thank you, I appreciate it! Any advice on good themes?

      Also, what is your take on paying someone to do this and what is a ballpark cost?
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