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I am about to publish new Ebook - so , I got 3 samples of design for my new ebook name:
Top 999 internet marketing tools for 2017

I will happy to hear your opinion what about design A,B,C

Sample A

Sample B

Sample C

Thank you
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    For me, A is the best, B second and C third.

    A looks businesslike and bold like it's serious.

    B is nice, graphically, but not as hard hitting as A

    C is interesting, but a bit "fussy" looking. The graphics are nice, but detract from the title, I feel.

    Good luck with the book. I hope it's successful for you.

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    "A" is the best eBook design for your targeted customer.Thank you
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    Hard to say.. the A looks best I think but could be improved, the image is really good, maybe keep the image and try different covers with it ?

    there are good ideas in others aswell, the infographics typed image on B is nice too, just as the tree image/idea is cool too

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