Where to find My first Web design Client ?

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in the past three months I've been Learning Web design and searching for all new Trends and Now I'm sure I can Do a full website design But I find it Kind of difficult to get My first webdesign costumer , so If anyone has any idea how to start my webdesign career and find where and how i can serve my webdesign skills into real actions I'll be really appreciated

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    hello chrouki
    let me suggest you to change this idea from "how to get my 1st client" to " How to show people my work??"
    give your clients an idea about your works then they will hire you if they like your design and offer
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  • abderrezak31

    Thank you very much for your Helpful advice and i'm really thrilled to try it because this is where my problem was ,I was showing my design in the wrong places Now I know exactly what to do.

    Thanks again
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    Start with family and friends. Almost anyone you know is going to either:

    1. Have some sort of side-hustle they're doing or considering and could use a website for it....or

    2. Know someone who does.

    Besides actively seeking out F & F, announce what you do to everyone you "touch" as you go about your day.
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    • Thank you for your helpful reply

      and sorry for taking too long to answer
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