How do I make the most of / expand on basic AEM + Photoshop skills?

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Hello all,

I hope this is a relevant place to post this, I am looking for career advice.

On occasion my team and I need to do Content tasks at work. We are a small company, and I am an Operations member, so I have to be flexible to accommodate the peaks in admin demand.
For the next 2 months I will be using Adobe Experience Manager to update text and Photoshop for rendering images (in the Assets).

Recently I have started to think I should really be expanding my hard skills, but I am not sure where to start. I don't want to be an Administrator forever, and I would ideally like to move into contracting one day, to increase my earnings potential. Tech is the way forward and I really enjoy working in this industry.

In short, how can I make the most of this experience?

Are there good websites apart from Adobe that explain potential development opportunities / career paths?
Do I need to learn a back end or front end programming language before undertaking any CMS/AEM training?
Is there anyway I can learn the majority of what I need to on a budget? After tax I earn £18k p/yr
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