Web designer: Do you have a niche ?

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Is it true that if you sell for everyone then you aren't selling to anyone ? How did you find yours ? or how did you determine that this niche is for you.
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    As a branding specialist i definitively got niche (many in fact) , it make everything much more easy as it position myself as the authority in it..

    As an example when i call someone in my niche i closed at more than 50% for site web and also i sell with higher price (3 pages website for 1250$) but got more things that make it possible, got a system, got a brand, got a bull`s eyes services and it`s productized (selling like a product without any proposition)...

    so Yes you need a niche, that`s one part of the puzzle out of the misery that most web designer are in...
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      But doesnt it having a niche limit your options ? For e.g. I am thinking of getting into e-commerce as my niche but don't know where to find potential clients. Pls share your experience.
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        Yes it limit your options and it`s a VERY good thing, as an example i allways ask my client now if they have at least 500$ monthly for their marketing with push away bad clients and bring good one

        Same for niche, it`s much better to have one as you will do similar work which is less trouble and more proffit for you..

        Start by one thing and master it after you`ll do something else..

        As for your product you better have a lead product + a bull`s eyes one so you can open door with a smalles investment from them before selling them the big thing..
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    It all depends but in my case when i started my website company aprox 5 years ago i also tought: LETS GO FOR AL THE CLIENTS

    But after some time you realise that some sectors suit you better then others. So in my case it was learning on the way. If you have a niche then its easier to sell and get clients.

    Going for Ecommerce is a niche. Going for Shopify is in my opinion again a deeper niche.

    And its a great product. You can do many things there and earn money with it.

    Good luck!
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