How to bring value to people as a web designer?

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Hi warriors,

I am trying to get ideas of websites that can help others. As I don't want to just make sites for people (such a hard market to get into) so I want to make my own website.

I originally wanted to make a website for artist & music producers, to promote the music and YT videos on my website.
Only thing is I don't know how to bring traffic to the site for the artist/producers to gain more views. I am trying to think of other ideas I can bring to the website.

I am from the UK and we have a big music scene here now and I feel there could be a website (mine) for up and coming artists to share their music.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea as there's already 3 other YT channels who have websites also (SBTV, LINKUPTV, GRMDAILY) who have huge fan base and I have none.

Any advice? Or should I change my niche
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    The niche is ok but not a very lucrative one as artist are usually poor but if you charge a cheap price there`s advantage (artist can pay right now, no need to wait for the treasory to make a check..)

    competition is no trouble, that just proove you have a hungry market and it`s working

    Oh btw, webdesign is not a hard market to get into if you are great and know how to sell...

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