I want to design a personal website, what do I need and what tools should I use?

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I want to design a personal website, what do I need and what tools to use? Can you help me about css and html??
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    Hi Helennisisabelle!

    If you want to build a website from scratch, starting off with wireframes is a good way to start and then you can start coding after. I suggest heading over to W3Schools to get a head start on HTML and CSS

    As for coding, you can start away with a text editor such as Atom, Sublime Text, or even notepad/TextEditor to get you started. You may want to have a designated folder to store all your files. Secondly, you need a place to host your website.

    It might be a good idea to start off with a Wordpress site too though if you want to focus on content since services like Wordpress offer a variety of templates to use.

    PS: I moved this thread to the appropriate forum so more people can easily find it. Hope you don't mind
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    If you want to start from scratch with only HTML and CSS (no content will really change once done) Adobe Dreamweaver is a good one..

    If you want a site that you can edit and change things on the fly I would suggest Wordpress as there are thousands on themes you cloud use and most have many layout options.. Wordpress is almost a one click to add new page ect..

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    Oh! You may also want to check out Adobe Muse
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    Forget HTML CSS for a while, look for WordPress and start from there... then go the codeacademy and learn a bit about CSS and HTML
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  • wordpress is the easiest one
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      I also prefer WordPress because WordPress have responsive feature and no need any deep knowledge of programming language to design any website.
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    Thanks for your different thoughts about web designs.
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    forget html and css for now, you`ll drown in them, you have 2 choice
    1- use something like weebly, something very easy and no code

    2- use wordpress on a personal server with a good premium template that have a visual page builder (more complicated but that`s a pro setup)

    good luck
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    I suggest you should start from studying or searching things that may help you do your website like going through W3Schools may help.
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    You can use wordpress theme to make your personal website. It is most easiest way to create a complete website. Just visit youtube and search for how to design a personal website using wordpress. You have to got a lot of example which help you to design your personal site within 3 to 4 hours. A lot of free themes available in wordpress. You just need to buy only domain and hosting. Thanks
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    Like most people have already mentioned, it would be easier if you just started with Wordpress. It would take a long time just to understand the basics of html/css, let alone build an entire site. But also there's nothing wrong with that approach, if your ultimate goal is to learn coding.
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    Cant imagine why you would want to learn all that stuff.

    1) Get a wordpress hosting account for your domain
    2) Install Beaver builder or Elegant Themes and you can have a beautiful custom site up and running in no time.
    3) No need to learn code...though getting some knowledge in CSS and HTML will always be helpful in the long run.
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    If you design a website first time then you need to refer some good website like w3chool.You may learn all fundamentals of html and css from there.Once your concept is clear about html and css then after you can use frameworks like bootstrap,wordpress,materializcss,etc.

    secondly you have to use any editors i.e notpad++,sublime,etc
    and webbrowser to run webpages.There are lots of tools available for web designing.

    Thank you,
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    To design a website in html you will be needing very good knowledge of coding. You can refer lots of tutorials on HTML and CSS which may help you to design a good website in HTML.

    But if you are beginner I will suggest you go for wordpress. Because in wordpress you can use ready-made themes, templates ,plugins which will help you to design a great website

    And once you are expert in wordpress, I think then you can use html, lots of creative ideas you will find.....to learn html more properly refer w3schools.com This site will really help you to learn HTML And CSS.

    Thank You!
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    Originally Posted by helennisabelle View Post

    I want to design a personal website, what do I need and what tools to use? Can you help me about css and html??
    I build all my sites on WordPress, but if you want a custom blog, then you need to know what you are doing, learning curve, WordPress is not as easy as people say ,
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    Adobe Dreamweaver and W3Schools are enough for you.
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    if you don't know well html programming w3schools is a good choice, or to get set by step instructions of building WP personal site join WA
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    Either Dreamweaver or Notepad++,Codelobster
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    You can start with https://www.wix.com/. It is a free website builder and you don't need to learn any CSS or HTML.
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    Wix is quite popular I believe and aimed at amateurs. If you want to learn CSS and HTML I recommend you find websites with simple designs you like and explore the source code as well as buying some books on the subjects.
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    For buildup, any type website for you can use WordPress. There are lots of the advantage using WordPress. I will highly recommend to you!

    Thank you,
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    Originally Posted by helennisabelle View Post

    I want to design a personal website, what do I need and what tools to use? Can you help me about css and html??
    If you really want to learn CSS & HTML then you can check W3Schools OR you can check some youtube tutorial. If you are interested just to build up your website then Word Press will be best option for you. Word Press provides multiple free themes which will make easy for you to build up basic website & you can changes content & images any time as word press provides back end management for updating website.
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    If you have adequate budget go with Wordpress, otherwise opt for Blogspot.

    Learn more about blogging tips, tutorials and deals

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    I guess, the answer depends on your skills and needs. If you don't have much knowledge, it is better and faster to hire a web designer. In case you want to create the site by yourself, I recommend to check website builders. They have good features and suggest a great amount of templates. Some of them are available for free. Personally I used Wix and was satisfied with it. Hope it helps!
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    If you have no idea how to create an HTML and CSS structured website from scratch, I suggest using WordPress.
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    If you want to make a personal website then wordpress would be the perfect fit. There are thousands of themes which you can use and can customize even further. There is no need of html and css as these themes are already styled.
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    If you're just starting out, no need to learn how to code. As people have said, just use WordPress. Simple and straightforward.
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    After years of experience I simply love Adobe Dreamweaver, I've created and developed a very nice websites, but now it's more or less development tool for advanced coding and for quick and sales oriented pages I use Wordpress and several plugins to make it professional and fast.

    If you need any assistance, let me know and I'll try to help.
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    You can also use in the first place some platform for creating a site already with ready topics, such as wordpress.
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