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I am in the process of starting to create review sites for Amazon...I was hoping I could get opinions on the format to use...These are not my sites but I do like them all

The style I am leaning towards is this


I like the way it shows the different carpet cleaners right away...I thought this would grab attention right away as it looks easy to use...The con is I don't see very much written content on this page so I don't know if it would rank well without a ton of SEO work...I also don't know how to get the format like that...whether it is a WP theme or special design for this user

Here are the other 2 formats...I really hope I can get some feedback from more experienced marketers...appreciate any help you can provide


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    I had a review site before, for a super niche, it can be incredibly profitable (alot of liability though - one bad review and people come out of the woodwork to defend themselves).

    Review sites are great because they're quality content and Google Ranks them as such; you're not trying to sell anything. I would checkout a keyword tool like the keyword planner or SEM Rush to people searching for "X product reviews" and harp on that. Domain name is SO important with review sites

    As far as the actual site; I would just go with a wordpress site https://colorlib.com/wp/best-wordpress-review-themes/ - I think with 6 to 8 articles you should see 300 to 1000 unique pageviews within 2 months
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    i Agree its always easiest o go with wordpress then you can handle the SEO your self, I own a review site and we did every bit of SEO we could think of and added in googles schema some of this stuff you just need to rank well..

    TopNetworks.com ranks the top advertising networks based on reviews from affiliate marketers.
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