Dumb question re security of ownership when outsourcing web site work

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How do you maintain the security of ownership when hiring a far-away stranger to work on your web site design -- and giving them the needed sign-in info? Asking for a paranoid friend

(I've been building my own web sites, mostly Wordpress based, for many years. But I must admit I'm not good at making them beautiful and have concentrated on content & conversion. I'm considering getting professional help, so to speak.)
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    not really sure what exactly you are asking, you own the domain and you rent the hosting account, no one can easily take those from you. Only the data is at risk and I don't think there's anything you can do to 100% prevent someone taking it if you give the access to you website backend
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      Can you say what the fears are? Is it WP backend access or server access?

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    Thanks, guys. Look at it this way, for just one example:

    If you hired me to handle one of your websites, and you gave me your password to get into your Wordpress dashboard, and if I am a good guy, I do your work, pretty-up your site, and all is well. But if I am a bad guy, I mess up your coding, plant malware or viruses in your site, or shut it down completely, stopping the income flow, and so complicate things that you don't even know where to begin to correct it.

    Now let's say you've got $100 a day coming in off of that site, and I not only divert the income to me, I change the password you gave me, so you can't even access your own site.

    See what I mean?
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    Give them access but not admin access or root access.

    Alternatively, copy and backup your site, give them all access, then remove access after they are done.

    Alternatively, send them a zip file of your site, have them create a Git repository, check in code, perform development on their local machine, and submit their work back to you to deploy on production.

    You can hire a business analyst or project manager to translate between owner and programmer lingo and develop a plan.
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