Should I get rid of my featured images entirely?

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I've been trying to find a way to decrease my image size but after searching for a way for so long, it seems that with my current site theme (which I'm bent on using because I paid like $60 or more for it and I'm trying to make the most of it, because it's not like I can't get a refund at this point) my choices are huge image or no image. I'm trying to make my site look more professional. Do you think I could get away with no featured images but just using images in my posts?
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    are you talking about the real estate or the weight of the image (file size).

    Can you let us know what your website is? I'm sure we can help out
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    Images add beautification to your website. It also helps make your pages look lively. Without images, the pages would look dull.

    Try contacting the theme developers and ask them how to resize the images or use smaller image for showing featured images in the front-end.

    You have paid for the theme, so you should get support for it as well.
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    I think, you should use images in your site also post appropriately. Cause without images you can't customer or user attractive to your site. So i have recommend please use suitable images for your site.

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    Because someone asked. This is my site

    And my site theme is Highend.
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    Thanks unblocked writer.

    So in your theme settings, you should find an "Additional CSS" function when you're editing the theme. When you're logged into your wordpress dashboard, go to Themes > Edit CSS or Themes > Customize > Additional CSS (depending on the theme it will vary).

    Copy and paste the following text into that box, you can nominate a maximum width but I found 700 to be nice:

    .hb-blog-classic article, .hb-blog-small article, .hb-blog-grid article {
    margin: auto !important;
    max-width: 700px !important;
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      additionally to this, I'd make the max-width of the body as 1200px, margin auto and white background for the ultra clean look... but that's just me

      Give us a shoutout if you need help.
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