URGENT APPEAL - Website development help needed to help hurricane victims in Texas

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**This is an URGENT appeal for some guidance in developing a NON COMMERCIAL, NOT FOR PROFIT, website to help millions affected by the Hurricane/Storms in the Greater Houston, Texas, USA area find shelter, make an appeal to be rescued, and other other functionality TBD. I know little about web design, but am sure one or more of you can help me help thousands reduce their exposure to the impacts of the hurricane. PLEASE HELP***

I am willing to pay for any reasonably priced software e.g. wordpress? hootsuite? or any help from an individual, as long as it is reasonable and towards a good cause.

Hello friends,

I want to RAPIDLY put up a webpage(s) where I can somehow

1) Show a list of shelters open in the greater Houston area in text

2) If there is some way I can also show this on a google map or some sort of map, it will be very helpful

3) For each shelter, I want to add basic details, e.g. name, address, any needs, e.g. food, blankets, whether they are accepting pets, whether they are accepting special needs populations etc

4) If there is some way I can have the shelter operators fill in this information and it populate to the website directly, it will help, i.e. I want to either circulate a link, or refer them to the website, where they can populate information on their shelter.

I have the domain name registered, BUT

a) Need to host it - I will pay

b) Need to understand or get help in immediately creating this functionality.

Millions are affected in Houston, please help.

This is NON PROFIT, NON COMMERCIAL, I am only trying to help those in need.

Thank you
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