Weebly or Word Press for new business website?

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I am on the fence on creating a new website with Weebly or Word Press. I am familiar with the pros and cons of each basically. My new business website is fairly simple.... but I need the ability to have visitors select a basic, or premier membership to view certain pages, and then these different groups can be emailed as this secured information is updated. It should be easy for them to choose monthly or yearly memberships and pay directly to the website as well.

I also will be cutting and pasting some technical charts for the main viewing area.

I am asking Weebly and they say they can do all this, yet I feel I am already maxing out their capabilities,and that's unsettling. (I am open to using another plug and play website builder as well.)

Yet, it's much easier then me trying to learn WordPress, and create such a website with no prior experience. ..... I am ok with paying to get some help with WordPress, as long as I am still in the driver's seat.

Any guidance is appreciated.
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    It seems the purpose nearly high and needs backend interface for members as well. As the whole things would be super functional. You should use WordPress. I don't have experience with Weebly and didn't see such a big site on Weebly platform. However, start the way you feel comfortable. Good luck.
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    i think you better use wordpress, you can modify the themes and has a user friendly back panel
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    I will highly recommend to you using WordPress.

    Why? Lets See...
    1. Most of the popular platform in the world.
    2. Open source, easy to use, manage.
    3. Search engine friendly.
    4. Fully responsive and mobile support.
    5. Great community.
    6. Safe and secure.
    7. Tons of theme and plugins are available.
    8. Low maintenance and buildup cost.

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    There is no question, go with word press on a self hosted platform where you own it and no one else controls your destiny.

    For your membership go have a look at Member Mouse. They rock.

    If you want super technical, granular control have a look at Wish List.

    IMHO member mouse is the ticket 99% of the time.

    Have a great day!
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    Thanks to everyone... seems the answer is obvious... (and thanks for the Member Mouse, Wish List leads too! )

    Have a great weekend!

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    WordPress. All the way. It might have a slightly higher learning curve than Weebly but it is a lot more powerful. If you feel that you are already pushing Weebly to its limits imagine how it will feel in 2 months!

    One of my favorite parts about WordPress is that so many people use it. If you run into an issue, just google! I almost always find an answer.
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    No doubt... Wordpress
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    Ok.......thx again!... Word Press it is!

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    Same here ............

    I will also recommend WordPress. We have lots of examples where eCommerce and other websites having financial transactions are running well on WP.

    On the other hand Weebly is good for basic websites and showing information but not for transaction and database purpose. May be they will do this in future as Weebly is also a great platform.
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    I recommend you to go for Wordpress.
    The main reason for suggestion are below:
    Complete source code and files are managed by own.
    In future if you need any custom functionality then you can hire any wordpress programmer easily.
    Thousands of free and paid plugins and themes.
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    I think Weebly is pretty cool and they def help you build a good looking website, but my main reason against them is you're giving them to much control.

    Personally, I'm a customization nut, and like to have everything specific to my business. That's why if I have to choose I'm always going to choose WordPress. Just like others have posted in here, there are thousands of themes/plugins/features that will allow you to make a professional looking AND functioning website with WordPress.

    Good luck on your decision!
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