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Hi all,

I am facing a major issue regarding WordPress meta, I have been using Yoast Plugin, now issue is!

When I uploaded the meta on homepage, its now appearing homepage, but in backend uploaded meta tags are available.

Now Specially about homepage meta title, I went and updated the homepage meta title in place of site title, but after getting it published I observed homepage meta title/site title has been appeared on all pages meta title in after section!

For Example:
Homepage Title as: What A Day
Landing Page Title; My Next Day - What A Day
You see the all landing pages getting What A Day which I don't want.

Then I saw some relevant posts & uploaded meta in header.php section, but somehow issue still is same.

I want to update homepage meta title which not needs to be appear on all pages meta.

I don't think this topic already discussed, if so then please share post link with me or share solution with me.

Advance thanks to all!
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