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Unless there's an easy way to set up a PURL system within Wordpress, I wonder if someone might be able to tell me how to do the following.

I want my wordpress site to simply go to the home page whenever someone types in a folder name that doesn't exist instead of getting an error message.

As an example, on my direct mail marketing pieces, I want to put a message like... "A special message is waiting here for you www, rcompanyname.

I want it to default to the home page for any company that is put into the 'yourcompanyname' part.

Of course the recorded message is the same for everyone.

I'd be interested in knowing how to set this up in a static site as well.

What I find interesting is that in one of my blogs: it defaults to the home page but with the "page not found" in the title bar (would prefer it didn't say that)
On my other blog it goes directly to a 404 page
On someone else's blog it gives a 404 error in the content section.

It's totally different for every blog it seems.
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    Just make your own 404.htm (or 404.php) file and stick a redirect in it to go to the page you want it to go to. This way if you get a 404 error (page not found), the page you made is loaded and the code you have embedded into it is run...
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      Thanks for the idea. This is something I would have never thought of but it's so simple. I love it. It will work perfectly for what I'm doing.
      Thanks again,
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