Is freelancing web development a hot career currently?

by Madhurima Basu Mohanty 10 replies
I have been a project manager throughout my career of 14+ years and have also been doing freelancing web development on and off..and recently started off again since I can't get into a full time job..I am getting quite frustrated as I hardly get any project in a month and even If I do ,the client may or may not pay at the end of the project.I have tried off-late but none will trust me unless I feature in the top or have reviews.
I really wanna know if freelancing web development is a good option or If I should venture into SEO,etc.Is creating a new product thru Wordpress(I am a WP expert) and then selling it thru WSO a good option ?Responses will be highly appreciated.Also if anyone cite inspirational stories of their freelancing career ..
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    What programming languages do you know and are you from US ?
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    I disagree, the problem is always time and attitude of a person.
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    Yes, web design is the top most wanted item in digital marketing area. Without a quality website we can't hope to run any sort of online business. Now a days when we go through online, we can feel the importance of website. Thanks for raising the issue.
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    hi dude, it does work, i think it's just a matter of time, You should work hard, and be patient. What i can suggest you is to register on Up-work, and try to make it over there. Good luck for this.
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    • Thanks a lot ..Can u pls help me review my upwork profile ?
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      I have up-work account. I look for getting job from the site. But still I am not able to manage any online job. Can you suggest me what to do for managing job from up-work. Thanks!
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