Is freelancing web development a hot career currently?

by Madhurima Basu Mohanty 17 replies
I have been a project manager throughout my career of 14+ years and have also been doing freelancing web development on and off..and recently started off again since I can't get into a full time job..I am getting quite frustrated as I hardly get any project in a month and even If I do ,the client may or may not pay at the end of the project.I have tried off-late but none will trust me unless I feature in the top or have reviews.
I really wanna know if freelancing web development is a good option or If I should venture into SEO,etc.Is creating a new product thru Wordpress(I am a WP expert) and then selling it thru WSO a good option ?Responses will be highly appreciated.Also if anyone cite inspirational stories of their freelancing career ..
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    What programming languages do you know and are you from US ?
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    I disagree, the problem is always time and attitude of a person.
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    Yes, web design is the top most wanted item in digital marketing area. Without a quality website we can't hope to run any sort of online business. Now a days when we go through online, we can feel the importance of website. Thanks for raising the issue.
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    hi dude, it does work, i think it's just a matter of time, You should work hard, and be patient. What i can suggest you is to register on Up-work, and try to make it over there. Good luck for this.
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    • Thanks a lot ..Can u pls help me review my upwork profile ?
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      I have up-work account. I look for getting job from the site. But still I am not able to manage any online job. Can you suggest me what to do for managing job from up-work. Thanks!
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        get your friends to do a review on your work, then you may get more work simply by having been reviewed by others
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          Thank you for your kind advice!
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    Freelancing is a good business only for those who can get work from them. For getting work from freelancer sites you have to first work very hard to get some positive reviews and only then your clients starts trusting you.
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    I'm sorry but I must interject here. It really troubles me when I see a thread filled with posts from people who have only written a small number of posts and yet are giving advice on something they may not understand.

    I recommend using the search function in this forum and looking for threads containing information you're looking for. Unless somebody has done what you want to do, all they can offer are theories.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Check out my site or blog for more info.

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    There are two ways of freelancing, if you get projects and completed them successfully then you will be rated high. If you cannot complete it successfully your profile rate will go down. So I prefer you to do physical marketing also.
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  • How to do physical mktg
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  • Hi mate, had the same problem for 2 years, my advice - make a fine resume, try to send it to all companies you can, in the same time keep up working as a freelancer, this will give you not only experience but also some cash. As I understood, you are good at web development , its great for you, because you can work for any kind of company being at this moment at home. All I sad is pretty obvious but supose I help in any kind of way good luck
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  • Competition is too high, hw did u take it this far
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    • The only way on my opinion is to keep learning every day to get better in your niche, in this case, the only way you will move is forward, even a fail is kind of experience, just keep up working and learning. Good luck
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