What Internet Marketing, Multi-site, Affiliate Templates for marketing professionals?

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I would like to know what Internet Marketing, Multi-site, Affiliate Templates are most used by warrior marketing professionals?

I really am looking for two different scenarios:
1 setup for a multi-site that I can use often for setting up the same type template system, but just change graphics out basically, and type.

1 setup that is for a site that is heavily geared toward affiliate and adds with blog articles mixed in, and center space for funnels, links, adds if needed, but the left & right sides mostly dedicated to adds related to that specific page content, or at least as much as possible since some of the adds will be auto-generated.

I am not wanting to build a web system from scratch, and am looking for the most pre-build options available. I've already wasted time and money on trying to build stuff myself or by being cheap and getting low grade templates. Now I've learned my lesson and am willing to pay more.

I love the Newpaper Wordpress, but I am not sure it is suited for my needs.
Also, there is optimizepress which I believe is often used by marketers.


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