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I sell cars and am about to put together a website for bad credit clients. I need a form for credit info so they can send it to me to credit check them.

Needs to be secure as possible.
Thanks in advance
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    Have you talked to whoever designed your site? Otherwise, you could check out for a freelancer that can set up the form.

    As far as security, you'd want to make sure your site is protected by SSL (HTTPS) so all the personal data is protected. That you would set up through your web host.
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    Do you mean to perform the AVS and CVV check? If yes, you need to write your own payment plugin (or customize the wordpress page directly) to accomplish it.
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    I am putting together the wordpress site. I can do a basic site myself, I have no clue how to do forms.

    I need to collect the info like name SS etc as well as employment, housing time and everything a bank wants to give a loan. I am not collecting any credit card info. Just getting info to qualify them for an auto loan.
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    Hi, you can install plugin which is called "Contact Form 7" and design the form yourself. It's not so complicated.
    1. Click the plugins which on the left menu
    2. Click to add new
    3. Input "Contact Form 7" to search box which is at the right and hit "enter"
    4. At the first search result should be contact form 7. click install now. Once installation done then click activate
    5. At left menu now you can see a menu item as "Contact". If you click on it then it will take to designing contact forms.
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    The most popular and reliable form generation WP plugin is Contact Form 7, it's free and easy to use
    Google "contact form 7 youtube"
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    You can use Gravity Forms.
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    Formidable Pro is quickly becoming a popular choice among WordPress users and developers. It allows you to quickly create beautiful contact forms and comes with all the goodies you would need from a premium form plugin.

    Get professional results with a full set of tools including field calculations and conditional logic.
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  • These are following steps:
    1. Go to Pages -> Add New option given under your WordPress dashboard.
    2. Give the title of the page you want, like 'Customer Details'.
    3. Now navigate to the 'HTML' tab to write HTML code.
    4. Create the form you want.
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