Softaculous Wordpress Installs & The Security Risks You NEED to Know About

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Right now I'm installing quite a few WordPress websites for clients and one of the things I use to speed up the process is softaculous.

It's a great software that's available on most cPanel hosting.

BUT... there are 2 major problems with the normal install, and if you don't do it correctly it can open you up to having your website hacked. So this is important to know.

So, what needs to be done?

First, when softaculous installs your WordPress site, you have the option of using your own password for the site, or having softaculous generating one for you. I usually opt for them giving me one and then copying it to a spreadsheet.

But when softaculous does generate you a password, if you notice, there are no small letters at all. Only capitals, numbers and signs.

So the first thing I recommend you do is ad a few small cap letters into the generated password they give you. It does help in making your password harder to hack.

And of course ALWAYS change the default "Admin" username to anything other than "Admin"!

The second problem with using softaculous and just keeping the install they give you is the WordPress database table names used by default.

See, when softaculous gives you the default install, the software gives your WordPress database names like wp_376.

The wp_ signafies that the database belongs to a WordPress install, not good!

Hackers look for the wp_ in order to gain access to your site.

But don't worry, it's easy to fix.

Just look under the Advanced Options tab towards the bottom and you're able to edit the "wp" there.

Just change them to any other letters and you'll be fine.

This doesn't cause any issues at all and is smart practice.

Hope these tips help someone and thanks for reading!
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