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Please review my games site - QuarkStarGames
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  • I think lots of small icons aren't helpful, when finding a game to play. I would need to look at larger screenshots, + read a brief description of the game. Maybe rework the page completely, so you instead show a list, or maybe a table, with fairly large screenshots? And two or three sentences descriptive text, per game.
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    I actually liked the icons. The only thing was that the loading time was slow and maybe have a more stylish title.
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    Reminds me of those old flash games sort of website. Like Kaj said larger screen shots would be useful. I see that you have so when the user hovers over the icon it shows the game name, that is good maybe even a small description. Take this website for example:

    Make sections for the games like "Sports, horror, action" etc. Good luck!
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    I didn't mind the icons either, but the dark color (not a big fan of purple) made it seem a little old school. Maybe change the background to white and provide more search options such as search by name, alphabetical order or by category. Add a few lines of content, a title and subtitle and some text to describe what the site is and how the user can benefit from it.

    User banned from this site for being relevant.

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    Looks pretty old. I would suggest giving it a more modern look and a lighter theme, not so dark.

    See for example.
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