How to rest my lost (wp-Admin) password on Godaddy host?

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Hi warriors,

was trying to login to my wordpress admin on the godaddy host,
but something went wrong, I inserted my email, not accepted, also ID not accepted
contact Godaddy support team they told they have nothing to help about it, advised me to contact wordpress, was searching to find forums,, but it seems long journey,

Any idea how to manage this from cPanel?
I still can access to my worpress from cPanal when I login to my website admin,
if any shortcut trick to deal with this from the cPanel, I would appreciate it.
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    You can go to, enter your password, then it will give you a code which you can copy and paste in the wp-users table in phpmyadmin.

    I did this many times, it works. Let me know if you have any issues with it.
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      sorry, this link looks like a deceptive trick for hunting around,
      I won't advise anyone to get into this trap link,
      Look at URL address you will get where it takes...?!

      However, I searched more and found the solution already,
      just login to cPanel, then navigate to PHPmyAdmin
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        First of all, that is not my website, wanted to make that statment.

        Secondly, I'm sorry, i don't understand what seems deceptive about it to you. I've been using this for years to generate WP password hashes, it is a simple tool that allows you to do just that.

        Yes, just login to cPanel, then navigate to PHPmyAdmin. I also told you to go to phpmyadmin, i assumed you knew you can do that from cPanel. But you can't put the password directly in there, you need to have a hash generator to grab that hash and save it through phpmyadmin inside the wp-users table. WP keeps the passwords encrypted.

        If you don't trust the link i sent you (although i don't understand what you have against it, it's the top 1 on Google for "Wordpress hash generator"), just search for another tool that does the same thing.

        I hope you're not accusing me of sending you a "deceptive" site and on purpose, you should not do that just because you are skeptic about something.
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