Most Common Frustrations People Have with Website Designers - and How to Overcome Them

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Managing and overseeing your site's design and construction can be a challenging process, particularly when you're trying to accurately convey goals and ideas to a third-party web designer. In most cases, the results aren't immediately up to par with expectations, and there's often a need for revisions before the site can approach its full potential. Fortunately, most of the obstacles you'll run into when dealing with a designer are problems that are fairly common in the industry, so once you've become familiar with the process, things should get easier going forward. With that said, here's some useful advice on how to handle the top 10 frustrations that you're likely to face when working with a web designer...

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    Thanks for the enlightening read. As someone who also also outsources web design work to freelancers, I do have some of these frustrations from time to time even though I should already know better by now. I've gotten the hang of #8 though. But #5 was just puzzling to me. Why some people solely blame devs for low search rankings, I might never truly know. A simple lack of knowledge on how SEO actually works, perhaps?
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      Definitely a lack of knowledge. Part of our job as digital marketers is to educate the client. Most of them are usually amused by how search engines work, a few other think they know it all. You cannot make everyone happy no matter what I guess.
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    Helpful topic, and a good reminder that the struggle is real but everyday we overcome and create, edit, or maximize the potential of websites~
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