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I have done a good bit of web design, but haven't been in a situation to provide video content. Kind of working on this for a friend who runs a non-profit. Let me just provide the problem and maybe there is a solution.

He has some instructional DVDs that he would like to host online. Obviously they would need to be converted in format. The two main requirements are not allowing the videos to be downloaded and be able to give password access per video to individuals. For example, he wants to let Joe watch video A and Jane watch video B online.

I keep reading you don't want to host video content on your own site. Also, YouTube is out because I don't think there is a way to prevent downloading. I have done a little research on Vimeo, which I think may work, but other options would be good.
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    Vimeo is the best solution.
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    I was looking into this recently - a training course where, depending on the dates people signed up would show only the videos they were supposed to see. So, for instance, each month would have it's own video course, so people that signed up today would only be seeing month 1 video, but people that signed up 3 months ago would be seeing months 1, 2, and 3 videos.

    This can be done.

    There are 2 things that need to happen.

    The first is video hosting. Yes, you should not be using your website host. If there is little traffic, it may be OK, but once traffic increases, there would be problems. Plus the security issue.

    IMO, Vimeo is what I use and I like it and they seem pretty secure. It's not cheap but I've looked into other services and I decided it was worth the money for easy, easy easy use. Nothing complicated. Did I say it was easy to use? Vimeo is as easy to use as Youtube, IMO.

    The second thing is the drip feed of content. For that, you would need some kind of software. I currently use Instabuilder as my website design software and like it a lot. They also have software called Instamember, that's membership sofware that I'm pretty sure can drip feed content.

    However, I have not used it yet, so I cannot say if it's good or bad. But you might want to look into Instamember.

    Hope that helps.
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    It's a bit of a setup but not that complicated:

    I host my videos on amazon S3. It's cheap and I'm sure amazon can handle a ton of traffic if needed. Then I use the FV Player wordpress plugin (free) which makes it impossible to download the videos. I secure everything with the s2member membership plugin (free) and this makes it impossible for users to share their login info.
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    You cannot protect your videos from being downloaded. It's just another disadvantage of working online, and it's the thing you have to live with. If anyone was looking for a way to download a Vimeo video, here's the solution:
    Probably, there are many more such free services for video download. I just picked up the first one on Google.

    If someone really wants to download your video, they will find a way. The last thing they'll try is to record the screen after while your video is playing.
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