WP Theme-ing: Secret Time & Money Saved Tactic?

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Hello again WF!

I was thinking to myself tonight - who would know the answer to my painfully specific question - you guys ALWAYS come in clutch for these, so, let's give it a shot ...

I've noticed that more professional companies that create WP websites for businesses have these kind of "custom" themes. It's obviously just an easy front/back end builder anyone can pick up on in a few weeks to create a beautiful page.

Currently, I am creating my customers websites with BeTheme. It's fantastic. My customers love the end product every time! The problem is - I'm shooting off the hip. A customer can tell me that they are a dog trainer - I'll ask them a few questions to make sure that I'm pricing accordingly (still painfully cheap) and I'll start building.

There's a few problems I see with this process (Maybe I'm just an over-thinker, let me know in the comments) -
1. I'm constantly paying $60 in materials for a theme
2. I have to show my product for the customer AFTER agreement of payment ( I always ask to get paid in full when the project is finished.)
3. For larger companies that would like to compare their options - this doesn't seem practical. If someone could produce a mock, it would be 10x more powerful.

So - my question is - Are other WP re-sellers using a theme to cut cost with the same power as Betheme? Or White labeling themes? What's the option most cost efficient with the best output?
Should my process change, or should I keep showcasing the positive results, starting the project, taking revisions, getting paid, and then up-selling with digital marketing solutions?
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