How will you prepare your website for the future? With wordpress or html ?

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With a terrible slowing wordpress plugin for every widget or ..
with bloated, slow and cumbersome themes that WP jockey designers make
A static html website is faster to load, better security and easier to code. Also it is also a well known fact that a WordPress website requires to be patched as soon as an update is released.

Whether the services you purchase for your website is against the google ranking factors ?

Still someone offers SEO, buying links, Guaranteed Top Google Ranking ....
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    Wordpress is a better option in SEO point of view. WordPress was actually built as a blogging platform and thus has a lot of SEO embedded throughout its code. So, a website built on WordPress is SEO friendly.
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      Originally Posted by mandeepsingh View Post

      Wordpress is a better option in SEO point of view. WordPress was actually built as a blogging platform and thus has a lot of SEO embedded throughout its code. So, a website built on WordPress is SEO friendly.
      I read somewhere on the Internet but it does not go in favor for wordpress:

      All extensions have to be updated as well to be compatible depending on the nature of the core update.Sometimes critical extensions break as their new versions are not released in time. And you have to keep your fingers crossed and refrain from updating until you have an update for your critical extensions.
      Secondly WordPress is not SEO friendly out of the box and requires an SEO extension. It will also produce several pages one for each tag that you use besides category pages. For large website these generated pages may run into thousands resulting in pages of so called "thin content".
      You have to configure such pages as "noindex, follow" or there is a high likelihood of such pages affecting your rankings due to Panda
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    Switching the existing HTML ones from being built with Netobjects Fusion to being built with a thing called "Mobirise".

    Switched themes on existing wordpress sites to make them responsive, testing an AMP plugin on one of them.

    Beginning to get a feeling that while these new features improve how the sites work across different devices, they don't seem to be doing my affiliate banner earnings much good (which weren't that great to start with, but now seem to have gone further backwards).
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    Wordpress is easy manage platform. But, wordpress site loading speed is very slow and it will affect your seo too much.
    I would prefer, bootstrap html websites that load fast, easy to scroll and save plenty of time for the visitors.
    Html5 is going to be the future of website at least for 5 more years.
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    I am a fairly experienced web developer and in my opinion the best idea would be to have a website which has a backend system which is plugged into the front end like wordpress or a custom setup would be just as good or even better depending on the edibility. The one good thing with a custom CMS (content management system) that you would be able to choose the options it has.
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  • As per my point of view, Wordpress is better than HTML. There are many amazing and eye-catching themes that ease your work. And more importantly, if you are planning to do SEO for your website I suggest you go with WordPress. Because there are many plugins that will make your work very easy and it's worth your time and money.
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    hi there! I like Wordpress more, I have to say. It is a great versatile platform which is developing these days, and will be great in the future too. There are so many cool themes for it on which you can easily use, and I like them a lot, I have to say. What do you think abou it, guys?
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    I'm sticking with a Wordpress for my primary website right now because of the flexibility it offers by using plugins and for SEO purposes. I would consider using other platforms for new websites I make as long as the platform offers great tools I can use similar or better to Wordpress.
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    I will stay with Wordpress until I think it isn't doing me any good anymore. Less is more. You don't need to have all the fancy stuff just to make your homepage "heavenly." With my line of business, function is more important than face value.
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    Whether this experiment can be tracked and what would be the advantage of the worpress site.
    Or is it simple, will Google notice so many search keywords if the website is placed on the WordPress site or if you stay on the html site??

    Small keyword experiment on a new web site.
    The site has only one week. There are only 2 web pages with niche / WHEELCHAIRS and AMAZON GIFT CARDS
    See the data and tell your opinion :
    - Whether in such a short time the site can qualify for other keywords that appear in Google's search.
    - Whether this data is a sufficient indicator of keyword growth for 4 days after the site is reported and fetch section to Google fast crawl.

    Clear picture statistics
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    WordPress is still better than HTML. For a non-coder, it becomes very difficult to make a website. The Easy setup of wordpress CMSwhich is ideal for everyone and for every type of websites. Moreover in Html website there are Chances of more error and everytime a professional service will cost you far greater.
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    I think WordPress is a better option for the beginners because it is user friendly and does not required to be a code-master.
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    How about if you are a website development agency, When you develop website for customer, you offer bonus them a chatbot?
    it will make customer website more professional and get the trend?
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    How you prepare is entirely dependent on the SCOPE of your website project.

    If you know that your site would mainly be comprised of static content, then HTML, CSS and some JavaScript is all that you will ever need.

    If you're planning on creating dynamic pages (which requires a database) then you might as well go straight to WordPress.

    Spend time planning the SCOPE of your website project first before doing anything else.

    It will save you from dealing with regretful decisions later.

    TUTORIALS on Graphic Design and Web Design

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