Google analytics still shows live visitors even though I removed the code

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on one of my WP sites, I removed the google analytics & clicky tracking code, (Both are using tag manager) but they still show live traffic coming in, how is this possible?

My traffic levels have been down 80% over the last few months, and I thought my site got hacked somehow. Wild swings up & down in traffic levels. I added Google analytics and the traffic shot up immediately to normal for a few days, then it started to slowly go back down again to what it is now. I changed hosts, but that made no difference.

The weird thing is that I still get constant low levels of traffic showing in my analytics even days after I completely removed the tracking code, So I don't think
it's browser cache. Something weird is going on, but I can't figure it out
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    I think you should check whether the high traffic is spam or real as I also have the same issue once I have checked it was spam so I suggest you to analyze that traffic.
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    there isn't any tracking code on the site anymore, so even if it was spam traffic, it shouldn't show up
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    The traffic is comming from referal spam. You can try checking source of traffic.

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    I checked the source, and it's the same as normal visitors. Also even if I add the tracking codes to my site, the traffic shows the same.
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    Any ideas? Is there anyone here who can help me figure it out?
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