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Hi this is one of those things I've looked at the problem so long I can't see straight.
I designed a site using elementor page builder (I'm not a coder). I have a header on the home page that no matter what I do, will not show on a mobile device. Anyone familiar with elementor page builder knows it allows you to select sections for hiding on mobile or desktop so that you can essentially build both a mobile and desktop version on same page. For some reason the section I designed to show on both will NOT show on mobile. This is the home page so I really want to figure this out and fast as it looks terrible right now! I've tested on desktop using 3 different browsers and its fine but on the mobile it will not show. I'm referring to the actual site title "sensible livery services llc" please take a look and keep in mind I'm not a coder so you'll need to walk me through it when you figure it out. site is Thanks!
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    Disregard. Fixed it another way.
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    Perhaps you could share your fix so that other elementor users can benefit from it??
    Also, are you using the free or premium version and with what theme?
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    Hi Chet. So first I should clarify. It wasn't a header I was having issues with. It was a section. It was text with a background image. I'm not sure I should say I "fixed" anything but I was in damage control and had to find a work around without first learning programming! Because this seems like a novice move I didn't bother to explain but here goes. I use the Free version of elementor and with WPOcean theme. Elementor has various plugins that are useful as well such as header footer builder, elementor anywhere and several others. After agonizing about what went wrong (and literally sleeping on it) I decided the problem must have been that I deleted the old image section that part of the page was referencing, so no matter what I did, the mobile version of the new section would not appear. I tested my theory by creating a brand new page and taking the unaffected sections over with it (by saving each one as a template, a beautiful time saver elementor gives you!) I then recreated -totally- the problematic section that was on the original page. I did not bring over the original one in case I was right. Once I tested the new page and saw everything was working splendidly I deleted original page and replaced with my new page, renaming it "home", set up as front page instead of the old home page and everything is now fine.I'm just starting out so I use the free version of just about everything for now and with Elementor, I find free is absolutely sufficient for now.
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