I want to create classified website like olx quikr clickindia and finderguru

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please guide me how to create classified site in initial amount and how to earn money from classified site.
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    Go to Theme Forest and type in the names of those sites and themes.

    I'm pretty sure you'll come up with several that will be between $39 and $99.

    You want your site content to be driven by others not by yourself.

    Go to where the best people you'd want placing ads on your site hang out and let them know about your site.

    As an example. if you have a category of make money online then you could come here to the WF, put an ad in your sig and leave truly meaningful comments.

    Have a great day.
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    Originally Posted by amitamishra View Post

    please guide me how to create classified site in initial amount and how to earn money from classified site.
    Hello Amita,

    You would need to do the following:
    • Get a Hosting Account
    • Get a Domain (www address) and map it to the Host
    • Install a content management system (We recommend WordPress it powers 26% of the Web and is incredibly powerful and flexible)
    • Install a theme and setup look and feel.
    • Setup Classified Plugins (WPAdverts, AWPCP, WP Classifieds).
    • Add basic pages and posts
    • Go live
    • Market your Website
    Thanks and Best Regards,
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    Given this question is four months old I believe op must have found an answer by now. You are not really addressing his question. I would never recommend that trash. As a web designer, most of my business comes from Shopify, wix and Weebly users who made websites that just never got any traffic ( Big tip GOOGLE HATES THEM ) I have yet to see a Shopify store, Weebly site, rank for a query. His question was about software.

    The "effectiveness of an idea is also very much determined not by what you need out of it as a front or back end developer but also the plugins, add-ons that you choose can take an idea from useless to amazing like Emmet for sublime.

    You can create websites on WordPress, page builders and gutenburg will give you most of the front end tools you need. If you don't know anything about backend programming you probably overload your site with plugins.

    And have a site that looks just like the other 80% of the web.

    I suggest marketing as a something to look into as well.

    To the guy who knocked Dreamweaver... I don't understand how you could give a clear review of Dreamweaver having used it for two hours. As of offline ide with live editing, it's pretty nice for front-end design even now.

    However if tasked with heaver maybe backend programming then I would agree, it's not of much use. SOmething like brackets, phpstorm or sublime would be a better option.

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