first time wordpress site builder, having difficulty changing my homepage

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I am re-building my website myself after the person I hired to do it didn't do such a hot job. I was following along with a tutorial, but have gotten stuck.

Here's where I'm at. I have everything installed and wound up changing my mind on the names for my menu's in the header. When i changed them, they didn't show up as changed when I hit the home button. However, when I click on the link for a menu that has been changed I am taken to a page with an error, but up on the right hand corner I see then new menu.

Also, when I'm logged in as an admin on my site and I'm at the home page, there is no option to make any changes or customizations as an admin. If I want to get to the dashboard I have to go to one of the other menu buttons besides home, click that then all the admin access pops up.

Even when I tried deleting the home page (and deleting all the trash permanently) and creating a new one, it automatically defaults to the way it looked before I deleted it. Very bizarre.

Is there something I can to fix this? I'm about to just delete the whole thing and start over again. I thought I'd ask here first since this is my first time doing this. Plus, I think building websites is actually a pretty cool thing to do!

Any help or words of wisdom is appreciated.

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    Do you have a link to the site so i could look at at. Also try deleting your browser cache and cookies for the site. Sometimes it just needs a refresh in the browser to load the new images layout.
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    yep cache bug, try ctrl F5 on windows, will reload everything include css

    otherwise past the url of your site so we can check a bit
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    Your issue is not clear. Still install another browser in your computer e.g. firefox or opera (turn on VPN). Login on to your WP dashboard... www dot youdomain dot com/wp-admin (should work). In wp dashboard click on setting and permalink. Choose Post name as URL structure and click on save change. Now, Go to appearance and click on menus, check you HOME menu may be created in custom URL. If yes, expand home menu clicking on drop down. Change custom URL to yourdomain dot com. Also try all the menu settings option below and click on save change.
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    I fixed it.

    I forgot what I did, but I fixed it.

    Thanks to all for helping out. I'm going to save this post just in case I ever need this kind of help again.
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