How to create client demo site?

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Hi Everyone! I am glad to be a part of the Warrior Forum.

I would like to the correct way to create a demo site for my clients. What I plan to do is this:

1.) Get a domain registered like and create a one-page site using Wordpress.

2.) Create the client's website locally using, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento or Zencart. When the draft is complete I want to create a subdomain and call it and install Wordpress, Joomla on this subdomain. It will be password protected.

3.) When the entire project is complete and the client gives their approval, I want to make the site public by moving that subdomain to the clients main domain.

This is my plan. I would appreciate any feedback which will confirm if this is the right method. I would also appreciate any warnings about any nightmare situations I may be walking into.

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    Create your demo website design wireframe or prototype using Sketch or Adobe XD or Figma(Web-based app).
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    If you want to create site on WordPress, get a free domain from and use any free hosting to install WordPress, i will recommend 000webhost.
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      Free domain and free hosting is bad idea since his clients will see advertising from free hosting provider.

      Why not go for a subdomain or a separate account under vps?
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    I have been into this before, so I would share some nightmares I had:

    1. Make sure your client has a 'Good' hosting provider that supports modern apps like php7 etc. In my experience, I had ended up quitting the projects by taking 60% of the project fees and delivering just website backup files to my clients, just because their host did not support required feature by my website.

    2. If it is WordPress, make sure you choose a right theme that supports easy move overs. In many cases, I have ended up copying theme options one by one just because the theme did not have an import export feature ( back in 2015 ).

    3. If it is php or custom framework, don't use static paths anywhere, but define global variables like $root_url and $root_dir , $db ( array of database config) to make sure you have to change them only once.

    4. Same goes with third party integration. Make sure you define third party credentials - say, Paypal, Twitter, Facebook etc. at one place so you can change their urls easily.

    5. Make sure you have full access to client accounts which will be used in the website / application. I am talking about saving time by getting full access to their Twitter account in case he just provided app key and secret, but forgot to give other credentials.

    The most time spent during project delivery is transfer of ownership, so you better have his credentials in advance.

    That's my take, thanks for reading!
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    Create demo site on subdomain because its very easy to use and give more trust to client.

    If you are using wordpress then you can add setting in robot.txt file to do not crawl your subdomain themes.

    Hope this will help.

    Have a great day!
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    Creating a demo website is the best idea according to me. For this you can create subdomain in order to work according to it.
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