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Any tips comments whatever would be appreciated as this is my first page. I am not easily offended. So whatever you got to say would be appreciated.
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    Hi there,

    On the whole you've got everything that you need with this site, the fonts are clear and you've colour coordinated throughout. As a first site I think you've done a great job, though there are a few things that you could do to help make it a bit more eye-catching such as...

    - As I looked at the site it took me a moment to work out what I was looking at. The banner at the top isn't really attention grabbing enough to bring my attention straight to it and 'Best Dog Training Advice', although clearly readable, does fade into the background a bit. I think there's room here to make a really eye catching design, maybe containing the image of a dog in fact, and more of a bold and attention grabbing title for the content of your site just to let you viewers know exactly what it is they are looking at. If you're not confident in designing something yourself there's plenty of people that would knock something up quite cheaply, or you could browse some stock photo websites for some images that'd help spice things up a bit.

    - Personally I'm a fan of keeping the homepage of a website a bit less full of content, picking out featured articles and maybe the five newest for example. One website that I'm working on at the moment (there's really not much content on there at the moment so be forgiving) is Find That Perfect Present - on that site instead of literally showing all of the posts it just shows an extract with an image which is far more attention grabbing. There are loads of themes available on the web for wordpress so a bit of searching could help you to find a great one, for the website I linked above I'm actually using a free theme.

    Just a couple of points but I hope they help.

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    thanks I appreciate the advice and I am working on trying to figure out how to get a dog to run across the grass
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    I think your site looks great.


    -I believe the title should be placed on the left or in the middle instead of the right. Titles on the top right feel awkward IMO.

    -you may consider editing the adsense ads. You can hide the description and the url so all that is visible is the title. You could also color match the adsense titles so they coordinate a liitle better with the rest of the site. I can tell you that the first thing I was drawn to on your site were the ads.

    I myself am struggling with decisions for my own sites!

    Good job!
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    The banner at the top needs a little more "spice" to it. Maybe adding something on the left side to fill out the space. Also, maybe you can adjust the menu to help the links stand out a bit more and make it easier to distinguish between them. Adding some images to your posts will also make the site more pleasing to the eye.
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  • The first thing I see is advertising. I would get to the content sooner, and maybe spread the advertising out a bit more
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    A couple things I noticed:

    The banner at the top is lacking a little- like you had a great idea got maybe part way there and then fell short.

    I have a hard time with sites that have too much white space- it always makes me feel disinterested and makes me want to move on to something else as soon as possible.

    I think you could stand to snazz it up with a picture of a dog or a dog and it's owner- something large to draw a view in. Get them hooked into the website so they'll actually view the content.

    Otherwise, Great work!
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    1. Good job for your first site!
    2.I think the top banner needs some more action, as has said before. You can make a nice banner with a few pics and a different background color.
    3.The pictures should be clear, they are fuzzy to me.
    4.Move your adsense or at least have it run across the page.
    5.Bring the content up higher in the page, I almost missed it was there.

    Good Luck
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    1. Too wide - I know look more spaces but people view and don't attracting. All images small so you should matching your images to be little bigger and keep moderate/medium compact.
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    I checked your site, and even I m not proffesional, I just have studied seo and website stuff, I would like to ask you : I checked your meta keywords and why there is "agressive dog behaviour" long-tail keyword is there at least 3 times? Its some like strategy? or something else?
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    Good work as this is your first site. Few things could be changed to make it look better.
    Change the background color in the top banner. Use some light color and stylish fonts so that it looks cool & sexy.
    Shift the menu tab to the left side from right.
    Don't display ads in the middle. put them in the right side and focus your content/service in the middle so that it will grasp the attention of the viewer.

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    Site needs some work. Lots of broken images etc. Are you still building it?
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    Hi shaggard,

    I think you may want to think about the most wanted response from your reader on your home page. If you want them to subscribe into your 6 days course, perhaps you should gear your copy toward that .

    Another thing you may consider is putting the Google Add in the middle of the content instead, engage your reader into your copy before anything else.

    Just my personal opinion

    Jason Ser
    I Don't Speak The Queen's English, But I Say What I Mean and Mean What I Say.

    Here is where I work now:

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    Pls dont get offended with my reviews or opinions.

    Try to have a good looking design theme for your site , it should attract people & not distract them
    First impression is the best impression , when someone lands at your home page , they need to have a good looking design & that will encourage them to navigate through the site.

    So get a good looking design & then concentrate on placing content appropriately :-)

    Hope this helps you .
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    Very well done for a first effort.

    Check your web link in

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    Best wishes for your success
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      As this is your first site, I want to congratulate for doing so.

      In my opinion

      Site seems to be non professional.
      Color combination is not good.

      See and analyze some good sites and try to distinguish what is professional and what is non professional. If you are able to distinguish successfully between those, you will be successful.

      All the best
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