Specific Wordpress Theme Needed. I'm Sure It Exists (I Cant Find It)

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The three main things i need are listed at the bottom for those of you not intersted in reading the details.

I have a very basic woocommerce storefront website I set it all up and learned some things and became profitable etc.

NOW I have purchased a new domain to begin a new project. But I dont know where to begin because I dont know what theme i need to install/purchase.

I am dreaming of a niche site (lets say 'Dog Walkers' for example) that has a home page/landing page and works as a directory for the niche service provider.

I want it to serve as a directory and have two user sides:

User side A (Dog Walkers): User A can register as a 'Dog Walker", fill out their profile and upload their personal 'Dog Walking plan' for purchase (by User B) from within their profile. I also want these users to be able to have the ability to post and manage their own blog from their end. and i want it to be very easy from their end. They can log into their account write a blog post and submit it for review (because i want to have editing capabilities on my end before the post goes live for what i hope are obvious reasons).

This way this User A can take the link to their profile or directory "page" and put it in their instagram bio or wherever they want to drive traffic to their listing/blog/'Dog Walking program'

They can be like "Yo im a dog walker now! check out the link in my bio. then the link will take User B to their page in the directory where they can read that dog walkers blog, or purchase a dog walking plan.

User side B (Dog Owners): User B can browse User A 'Dog Walkers' via their location, type of dog walker, etc. Then they choose to purchase the 'dog walking plan' from the User A they decided on. Then when they check out, I want a % of the proceeds to go to me (the listing company).

Three main things I need:

So i know i need a theme with a directory (user registration, profile creation, pay per listing, etc.) for User Group A (the sellers).

But i also need a way for the Group A users to upload downloadable content (durring their registrations) that is barred by checkout for Group B users (consumers of Group A's listings). And I need a % of the money from User A's sales to go to me during User B's checkout.

And i need it to have blogging capabilities for all User A users within their listing profile.
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