Help;Why my blog always down?

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Please I want to know why my website always down.It will open in some counties why it will not in others.I place ad on Google and latter disapprove says my destination not work.I am using Hostgator is my hosting. Any ideas to resolve this issue?Thanks.
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    In a normal situation, I would put the blame firmly towards HostGator. I am not sure if you are aware, but they are part of a larger parent company (EIG). This is not a brand that cares about quality of service or customer service, at all.

    But, in this case, are you referring to (as linked in your signature)? I see this is using Sucuri. Have you double checked your Sucuri settings to ensure there's no country blocking active? Here is a guide which should help.

    If there are not, I'd definitely contact them and explain the situation. Their staff may know of something off the top of their head.

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    You need to talk to your host.
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    Check the second link in your signature - it doesn't work....
    Remember all those times when you wished the weekend would last forever? Well, wish granted. Happy now?
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    There is competitors issue or content.
    Mind these two are okay in your case.
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    I had a shared hosting plan with one of the biggest companies for years. For about a 3 month period of time, both of my websites were down for like 16 hours per day. I called the company daily. They told me it was my website. I got sick of hearing that and moved to NameCheap. I've been with them several years and never had an issue. It might be time to tell your host goodbye and find someone else.
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  • There could be various reasons
    1) Error in hosting provider
    2) due to overloading
    3) Ip problem
    4) ISP problem due to which some websites are not accessible in certain part of the world.
    the best options are either change your IP or switch to other hosting
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    It's likely your hosting situated your site storage in a server far from your target audiences (which might be insider your country).

    I agree, talk to your host or change to one more suitable for your needs.
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  • Yes, you must talk to your host service provider and post a complaint. It may be your website is not pointed to your target country.
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    It is most probably the issue with your web hosting provider "HostGator". They were pretty good in the beginning, now even their support is a nightmare. Switch to some credible hosting provider such as SiteGround, they are expensive, but their support and services are superb!
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    If you are on shared hosting keep in mind you are SHARING resources with other websites your hosting company put your site along with. I would pack up and move elsewhere. (Namecheap is good). Just my interesting point of view.
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