What is the best way to optimize website?

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I want to optimize my website, What is the best way to optimize the WordPress site?
Can anyone suggest me how can I do it myself?
Thanks so much!
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    There are are many online blogs which tell you about the website optimization Techniques. But still you need to know who is your target audience and how to reach them. after that you can go for on page optimization and start link building process.
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    Optimisation takes lots of thinking and analysis of site and server.

    You can follow the google page insights instructions.

    with WordPress, You can install some caching plugins that will do about 20% to 60% work for you rest you have to figure it out you self as each site is built different and problem with the wordpress is you have to add more to make it less.

    You can go for Wp Rocket or wp fastest cache or some plugins like that. These plugins carries out minify and some tasks for you.
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    Page speed is also one of the ranking factors for Google. Optimize your WordPress website load time to rank high in SERPs.
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    In my opinion Pingdom tool is one of the best for website optimization.
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    Here i will mention some of the important ways of optimizing your website. You should follow these steps correctly in order to optimize your site.
    Analyze and study your website.
    Review your competition's website(s).
    Research keywords.
    Place keywords strategically throughout your content.
    Include meta and title tags
    Develop some base traffic reports.
    Keep providing new content.
    Get other websites to link to you.
    Create a site map
    Avoid using frames whenever possible.
    Validate your HTML code.
    Tweak your website as needed.
    Use CTAs in your content.
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    Originally Posted by tinodesign View Post

    I want to optimize my website, What is the best way to optimize the WordPress site?
    For a WordPress site you can use Yoast SEO plugin and speed check plugin.

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    I would like to share important techniques through which you can optimize your website easily:

    • Insert relevant content with proper keyword density
    • Use main keywords in the title tag
    • Make a proper description for every page with keyword variations
    • Use heading tag h1, h2, and more
    • Use Images with the name of keyword in alt tag
    • Internal linking properly through which you can navigate user to other pages
    • Update your blog with industry specific news and informative articles
    • Website design should be clear

    • Submit your website in regional directories
    • Image and infographic marketing
    • Guest posting on high authority relevant sites
    • Forum Posting
    • Press Releases
    • Q&As

    If you can do these things properly, you can easily optimize and rank your website at the top in search engine rankings.
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    Competitor Analysis is also most important thing when we talk about optimize website in the SERP.

    First of all you can find out the main keywords through Google keyword planner or any other tool. Search those keywords in Google and find out the top websites which ranked on the top.

    After finding out competitors, you can analyze what kind of On-Page and Off-Page work they were doing. Implement all techniques which you competitors were doing.
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    There are a lot of ways that you can do to optimize your website and in order to find out what it is, you need to start on analyzing your website. This process includes assessing the site navigation, context, and overall cosmetics of the website.
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    We know WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform for any website. But also we know that speed matters for website, particularly when it comes to loading time. If your WordPress site is sluggish and forces users to wait for even a few seconds then you can see rising bounce rates, decreased conversions, and poor search rankings. Here below are some tips for optimize your WordPress website.
    • First step for optimizing website you should choose the Right Hosting Plan.
    • You have to use a fast WordPress theme.
    • After that you should monitor your plugins.
    • You know that plugins are one of the biggest causes of WordPress websites being slow. You should care about these plugins as well.
    • You should also reduce post revisions, drafts, spam, pingbacks and trackbacks.
    • You have to optimize your images for the web images that can help break up long pieces of text and can help your articles be shared more frequently on social media services.
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    There are few things which you need to keep in your mind while optimizing your website;

    - Get a secured as well as fast web hosting (I suggest Hostnoc).
    - Always use WordPress.
    - Install a Cache plugin (I suggest W3 Total Cache).
    - Linked a CDN (Cloudflare would work fine).
    - Link your website with Google.
    - Try not to put "Spammy" Ads on your website (By spammy i meant Pop up ads etc).
    - Keep an eye on Google Algorithm Change to keep an eye on your Ranking.
    - Use Schema (Plugin or Manual both works best).
    - Use structured Data.

    Taadaaa! It's done!
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    I used Pingdom for my transcutaneous optimization. Try that. Also, don't be slumber and pay 10$ for someone to look into your website.
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    We should have to optimize your web page for SEO.On-page SEO is becoming increasingly overshadowed by off-page factors.

    - Optimizing URLs for SEO
    - Making your page title look good in the search results
    - Optimizing page headers
    - Optimizing content
    - Optimizing images
    - Outbound links
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    First analyze your website with SEO tools & Google Analytics.
    Reduce errors to zero.
    Do your competitor analysis compare with your site.
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  • Hi,

    10 Actionable ways to optimize your WordPress site are:

    1.Select a reliable web host
    2. Use fast working WordPress theme
    3.Boost your website database
    4.Opt content delivery network (CDN)
    5.Optimize your website all images
    6.Install only those plugins that are useful
    7.Activate leverage browser caching
    8. Use a faster slider plugin
    9. Use GTMetrix to check your website speed
    10.Deactivate Hotlinking
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    To get a good analysis of just what needs optimiztion, i tend to use Google Search Console. Alot can be said for paid services that do the analysis, But google is aware of this and will punish in rank. Generally i find the best place to start is figuring out if the problem is serverside or not.
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    The best way to optimize the wordpress site are
    1. Choose a Quality Hosting Plan
    2. Always Keep Your Plugins, Themes, and WordPress Itself Updated
    3. Implement Caching to Reduce the Number of Requests Your Site Handles
    4. Use Image Optimization to Make Your Media Files Smaller
    5. Minify and Compress Your Website's Files
    6. Use a Content Delivery Network to Deliver Your Site's Large Files
    7. Only Use High-Quality Themes and Plugins
    8. Delete Unused Themes and Plugins
    9. Clean Up Your Media Library and Post Revisions
    10. Optimize Your Databases
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    SEO is one of the best ways to optimize your website. you have to make high-quality content with perfect on page optimization like

    keyword research
    long content,
    foqus kewyrd in your artilce. include keyword o title, h2 tag, image name
    include a high-quality outbound link,
    need interlining
    need site speed develop
    proper anchor text etc
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